The Trans-Arctic Rail Train passes through Tighna daily, bringing news and sometimes visitors; some welcome and others–not so much!

July 13, 2021: Season 2 Episode 2. Here is a portion of the script, Scene 7. This will help you to know who is speaking during the song Participant No. 3.

SONG: Participant No. 3

(Schizofreud) The subject does not understand that he’s walking an imaginary land. 

He’s on a journey and he cannot see, the mess in his head is the land he sees.

Psychotropics leave him flat and stale; slight agitation and his eyes look pale.

He mumbles something like “catch me if you can!”

And off he went to this make-believe land.

(Alex)  “Why won’t you stay?  Don’t go away!

Don’t you know that I love you so? Don’t go away!”

From time to time he speaks in pictures made of words

(Alex) “A tree, the sky, a path, and the song of birds”

(Schizofreud) On a path of harm where so much seems dark

Sometimes he makes it sound like a walk in the park

He engages someone though he’s all alone.

(Alex) Like people out in public on their cellular phones

“We need a diagnosis for society gone mad.

I’ve got to keep my thoughts from wandering off like that.”

(Alex)  “I think I see an angel there behind the glass;

watching every move I make.

If you’re really there why don’t you come on in.

Help me out before I fade away. Aghghghhh!!!”

“Help, please, come on in. What are they afraid of?

Watch! This’ll freak ‘em out.

I know you. Come and love me.

Come and play. Come, love me.

I’m just embracing this chance to feel.

The visions are crap but the feelings are real.

I know that somebody could love me, if this disorder weren’t in the way.

March 3, 2021: Introducing “Buy Me A Coffee?” That’s right! If you want to tip the team to help move the show along, this is a terrific alternative to Patreon and some of the others. No need to create an account or any such thing. There will be some perks available in the future, but this will never be a pay-to-play Podcast/Show. Also, Buy Me A Coffee is a terrific way to leave comments and see what other fans of the Podcast are thinking! Just click on any of these Buy Me A Coffee texts and we’ll take you straight to our Buy Me A Coffee Page!

March 3, 2021: Hey everybody! Moving forward, we air the show one episode per month (with occasional exceptions for extra content or specials). This schedule of production will allow for the best content and quality for us as creators and most importantly, for you–the audience experience! Episodes will be longer and of the very best fidelity we can deliver! Thank you for tuning in! –the team

February 14, 2021: A huuuuuge shout out to all of you who regularly tune in for episodes, and a hearty welcome to all the new listeners as well! We, the Team, wished to reach out and say, “Hello!” to you all. We also wished to let you know what is coming up next and also how to best interact with us here at The Arktos Chronicles.

#1: HELLO, everybody!

#2: Episode Five (5) is in the editing room and will come online for y’all on March 1, 2021. The episode is entitled “Giants.”

#3: The best way to interact with us at this point is to correspond! Use the “Contact” page to send us your questions and encouragements! Honestly, encouragements are the way to go. If there are things you reallllly want to hear more of, and you let us know about those likes, we are sure to take those into account. Such correspondence is welcome. Asking for more of what y’all like is the likeliest way to push out the things you may not like. And who likes everything anybody does? (wink wink)

We at the AC appreciate you all SO much. The show is a labor of love and we know that y’all would not tune in if you didn’t want to tune in. That is valuable to us, and we treasure it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stay tuned!
The Team

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