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Season 2 (2021)

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Alexander Bastion 6-15-2021, a Seattle patrol car is called to investigate a 10-96. Mike Thunder is sent to Seattle to “watch” over the welfare of one: Alexander Bastion.

Participant No. 3 7-12-2021, a woman from DC comes to visit Alexander. Dr. Schizofreud begins experimenting on the patient.

Season 1 (2021)

Pilot Episode (in 3 parts), 12-20-20, introduction to Tighna, to KARC, and some mythical persons who defeat the eminent threat of a villainess.

Episode Two “Mic Thunder” 2-1-2021, the beginning of the morning drive host’s back-story. young romance crosses the Ancient Road. Blake Easy eases back into his job at KARC.

Episode Three “Icicles” 2-14-2021, More on the backstory of Mic Thunder. The Ivan/Tilley romance steams up. Bob has a bad day.

Episode Four “Children” 3-1-2021, Further intrigue in the case surrounding Schimmel. The return of Mr. Frost. Jack Yukon shares some important folklore with his audience.

Episode Five “Lovers & Casualities” 4-1-2021, The mystery concerning Schimmel has old and new developments. The Patrons get out and about. A new citizen of Tighna is introduced–one who eats raw fish but not sushi.

Episode Six “Rout & Return” 5-1-2021 In this Season 1 finale, Grandfather Frost takes action against the wrongs done to Tighna and all Arktos. Mike Thunder finds himself and Mr. Schimmel is comforted. 

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